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Information for Personal Assistants in Care

What is a Personal Assistant in Care?

A Personal Assistant in Care is an important role and can be an extremely rewarding career. You can support someone to live an independent and active life.

The wide range of tasks a Personal Assistant in Care may be asked to carry out might include:

  • help with personal care, such as washing and dressing
  • help with household tasks, such as cleaning and laundry
  • driving
  • preparing meals
  • accompanying your client to social events or on holiday

Your specific role will depend entirely on the requirements of your client. This should be explained in any job description and interview.

Hear from Personal Assistants in Care

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Further information

Skills for Care have an Information Hub with information and resources about Working as a Personal Assistant in Care


Employment status

A Personal Assistant in Care is usually employed directly by the person who needs support. They can also be employed by a family member or representative, when the person they are supporting does not have the physical or mental capacity to be the employer. However, a Personal Assistant in Care always works directly with the individual they are supporting. This should normally be through an employed arrangement, rather than being self-employed.

Training and qualifications

Working as a Personal Assistant in Care can provide invaluable experience, as well as training and qualifications, to assist you to further your career in health or social care.

You do not necessarily need qualifications to work in social care. The most important thing is to have the right values and behaviour.

A training directoryhas been created that outlines all possible courses that could be available for your role as a Personal Assistant in Care. You will need to clarify when booking on these courses that they are suitable for Personal Assistants in Care.

Hampshire Personal Assistant in Care Course

Would you love to learn more about helping people with care and support needs and make a real difference to your community?

If so, we hope soon to resume our FREE 3 day training courses happening across the county.

The course will take you on an exciting journey, exploring the values of social care and enabling you to meet potential employers.

We will give you the tools to care with confidence and then match you into a paid job or the voluntary work that you are looking for.

The course has an amazing reputation and a high success rate.

No experience is necessary.

We will post a link to sign up to the course when we have new dates.

Personal Assistants in Care are also eligible to attend PaCT courses through Hampshire County Council. Signing up to the newsletter via the Hampshire County Council website will keep you updated with all the courses available.

Quick links

If you are looking for information and resources on specific topics relating to being a Personal Assistant in Care, see our Quick links page.

If you are, or would like to be, a Personal Assistant in Care, sign up via the link on the home page of this website to create an account. You can then complete an advert registration form. The team will check your registration and contact you if they require any further information. Your advert will then be published on the website.

Last reviewed: 21/05/2020

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